Ways to Use BabyTime

  Ways to Use BabyTime 1. What can you do when your baby is crying? lets you know exactly when your baby needs to feed, take a nap, or needs his diaper changed 2. Is your baby not feeling well? … Read More

Do or Don’t When You’re Pregnant

What To Do When You’re Pregnant 1. Eat foods from all five food groups Fruits, Dairy, Vegetables, Protein, Grains 2. Do Cardiovascular Exercises 3. Eat Plenty of Nuts and Veggies for your Reproductive Hormones  Vitamins  Unsaturated Fats 4. Take Folic Acid … Read More

How can you keep amniotic fluid healthy?

  Why Amniotic Fluid Is Important For Your Baby Amniotic Fluid Prevents umbilical cord from tangling Tells you if your baby is healthy Antibacterial Protects Baby Helps development by enabling movement Maintains constant temperature Acts as lubricant during delivery How … Read More

How much do you know about baby food?, Take this quiz to find out!

  How much do you know about baby food? Take this quiz to find out! Does milk and strawberry go well together? Yes. Milk is rich in protein and healthy fat while strawberries are packed with vitamins. It’s a match … Read More

How to tell if your baby has a cold

How to tell if your baby has a cold Common cold symptoms – Sneezing, Difficulty sleeping, A low-grade fever of about 100.4F(38C), Irritability, Coughing, Decreased appetite, Nasal congestion Prevention – Wash hands, Clean toys, Keep baby away from a person … Read More