Hospital Bag Checklist: Do’s and Don’ts

Packing for the hospital can be stressful, especially if you don’t exactly know what to take and what not to take. You don’t want to take all your belongings and have an extremely heavy bag but you still want enough things to feel comfortable. I’ve made a simple list of “must-takes” and “no-no’s”. Read on to find out!


The trick a good pack is getting it done early. Start packing once you’re around 8-months pregnant and keep it in your car trunk. You never know what can happen!

Hospital forms, insurance, and a birth plan.
Tip: Fill out a birth plan so that your doctor will know exactly what you want and need at the time of labor. It’ll be easier to have this filled out and ready-to-go. This is something that you should start thinking about before even packing your hospital bag so you can really think about everything.

Comfort Items:
Have comfortable clothing, slippers, and maybe even a pillow. Big comfy shirts and pants, warm socks if your feet tends to get cold. You’ll want to take clothes you don’t mind getting ruined and also take bigger socks and roomy slippers since your feet will get swollen! A pillow is completely optional but hey, if you have that one pillow that helps you fall asleep like a baby, pack it.

Aside from your phone and charger. Think about taking a tablet, laptop, or e-reader. You can even take books or magazines if that’s what you prefer.

You’re not the only one:
Don’t forget to pack for your partner and baby! You and your partner will surely want to record every moment of the special day. Pack extra memory cards, camera charger, and of course the camera itself. Also, make sure that you have the car seat ready. Some hospitals won’t let you leave with the baby without one! Have a come home outfit for your baby as well.


Too much:
As I’ve mentioned before, think about the things that you want. Simple is best.

Choose one:
You’ll be tempted to take all your magazines, books, and laptop but that’ll only make a mess on your nightstand. If you’re taking a laptop, check to see if the hospital has wifi. If they don’t, download a couple of your favorite tv shows or movies so you can watch them during your stay at the hospital.

Scented Lotions:
Unscented lotion is fine as it can get really dry at the hospital but try not to use any scented lotion. Let your baby smell your scent!

Snack Overload:
Pack just a couple of your favorite snacks as hospitals now usually provide a refrigerator with plenty drinks and snacks.

Nursing Supplies:
Hospitals always get a ton of samples from companies that make baby products and will have everything from nipple pads, nipple shields, and cream available for you to use. Just make sure to ask since nurses forget, they’re running here and there helping people after all! Ask for vouchers while you’re at it.

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