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    Parenting is hard. First-time parenting is harder. That’s why BabyTime was made.
    Record, track, and analyze your baby’s activities and find the exact answers that you’re looking for.
    Take your first step into parenting with Babytime to always stay on top of the parenting game.

    Activities in BabyTime by smart parents now.

Track, record, and analyze securely with others.

BabyTime lets moms, dads, nannies, babysitters, grandparents, and any invited caregiver to track and record your baby’s activities. All in real-time. All at once. The data is securely stored into our cloud server so you don’t need to worry about losing data of your baby’s precious milestones and achievements!

Development at a glance, then compare.

All your baby’s activities are analyzed and converted into a visual picture that is both easy to understand and easy on the eyes. Compare your baby’s daily routine at a glance and share his development with other moms in our community.

Share fond memories, Learn something new.

At BabyTime, your baby is the Star. Write and keep unforgettable memories of your child or share with other moms in our community. Share your parenting ideas and also learn what other moms are doing to raise their child.

BabyTime Features

Happy parenting with simple usability and charming design

Easy Effortless Tracking

Track all activities with the least amount of hassle

Real-time Syncing

Registered and invited caregivers can track, record, and analyze at the same time

Pattern Visualization

Understand your baby’s needs with visual patterns of the baby’s daily routine

Statistical Analysis

Customizable graphs to compare and track growth and development

Share extraordinary moments

Never miss out on your baby’s big milestone moment

Compare and find solutions

Gain insight into how other babies are being raised in our community

Parents voices matter

“I’m using this well. For the first 100 days, I was logging with my notebook and pen but then, found this app. Bummed to not have found this app sooner! It’s almost everything I needed. I love the graphs and daily patterns.”
Sunghoon KimSeoeun's Dad
“No words can describe. This app is one-of-a-kind in its market. This app calculates breastfeeding time, sleep time, and counts the total number of formula feedings in a day and shows daily patterns and graphs! Impressed to learn the app was made by one man for his wife! Great!”
Joungeun PyoHaemin's Mom
“Good! I’ve been using this app consistently since my baby was born. Keeping up with feeding time is easier and everything is easy to log. No bugs yet and updates are consistent. It’s easy and practical.”
Aeli ChoiAhnna's Mom

BabyTime, start it now!

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