How much do you know about baby food?

Take this quiz to find out!

Does milk and strawberry go well together?

  • Yes. Milk is rich in protein and healthy fat while strawberries are packed with vitamins. It’s a match made in heaven!

Should carrot and cucumber be eaten together?

  • No. While carrots and cucumbers are packed with healthy vitamins, the ascrobic acid in carrots blocks the vitamin C in cucumbers from being absorbed.

Is eating tofu with spinach bad?

  • Yes. Because spinach contains oxalic acid which will react and destroy calcium in tofu.

What should be your first go-to vegetable?

  • Broccoli! It’s loaded with Iron and hypoallergenic!

Would beef and kiwi form a good pair?

  • Yes. Kiwi helps digestion by breaking down protein so beef and kiwi make a perfect pair!

Should potato and mushroom be cooked together?

  • Yes! Startch in mushrooms and potato helps digestion and absorption.

Can you put cow’s milk into baby food?

  • Absolutely not!  Babies under 12 months could develop serious illnesses and could even endanger their life!


How many did you answer correctly?

Whatever you got on this test is insignificant compared to your unconditional love for your child. Cheers to parenthood!


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