Baby Sleep: The Night and Day Mix-up

Raising a baby is physically exhausting not only because of all the extra work you have on top of your regular day but also because you will lack sleep. They say that after 100 days, your sleep cycle will return … Read More

Track Your Baby’s Daily Habits

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Using Baby Tracking App like a Pro

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The Basics: Using a Baby Tracking App

The Basics: Using a Baby Tracking App   Your baby is now three months and has settled into her own internal schedule. Now is a great time to establish a routine. Use a journal or a baby tracking app to … Read More

The Importance of Breastfeeding


Asian conception dream, explained

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11 Baby Body Facts


Step-by-step guide to bathing your newborn

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Top 5 Reasons why your baby cries

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5 Reasons to record your baby’s activities

5 Reasons to record your baby’s activities 1. BabyTime can help you figure out what your baby needs with more accuracy It’s difficult for parents to know what their baby wants right away since the baby can’t actually talk to … Read More