Review From Babydotdot

About BabyTime BabyTime developed by Simfler is an app that enables parents to track their baby’s activities easily with a smartphone. With each information put in, parents receive a personalized feedback catered to the needs of each baby, consequently encouraging parents to … Read More

Ways to Use BabyTime

  Ways to Use BabyTime 1. What can you do when your baby is crying? lets you know exactly when your baby needs to feed, take a nap, or needs his diaper changed 2. Is your baby not feeling well? … Read More

BabyTime For iMessage

BabyTime For iMessage We’ve added an extension for iMessage along with our iOS 10 update! Now you can easily share your baby’s daily routine Just simply go to Messages and open up the app drawer to find BabyTime Your baby’s … Read More

Let me introduce you to BabyTime

Let me introduce you to BabyTime BabyTime is a baby activity recording app that both mom and dad can use. You can record anything from breastfeedings, diaper changes, sleep, hospital visits, to much much more. All these activities you record … Read More