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Each mom has their own way of using BabyTime and we get feedbacks all the time saying how it’s helped them raise their children in different ways. A lot of our new users are wondering how to use our app, so I want to tell you how real users use our app in their lives.
We’ve broken them down into three categories: most recorded activities, feedback from real users, and feature that you should be using

Most Recorded Activities:

According to our big data, our users spend the most time recording sleep, timing a breastfeeding session and recording it.
Unarguably, these two activities are what makes up most of a baby’s day and the amount that they sleep and the amount that the feed are important factors in their development. Tracking sleep can help a mom understand her baby’s internal schedule so that by the time Mom needs to head back to her workplace, she’ll be able to figure out an effective routine that’ll work well for both baby and mommy. Once a routine is set, it’s much easier to leave a caregiver with instructions about your little one’s day and knowing what time your baby will be feeding and around what time your baby will be sleeping will give you a peace of mind and the ability to focus at work.
Unless your baby is having trouble latching or sucking milk, you’ll find that timing a breastfeeding session can tell you if your baby is feeding enough. Also, it’s good to try and have your baby feed from both breasts for the same amount of time to keep milk supply balanced on both your breasts. You don’t want one breast to be engorged and the other barely having enough milk. Recording how many times you breastfeed also helps you keep up with the recommended amount of times you’re supposed to feed your baby. All babies will be satisfied at different amounts and feeding on demand is recommended, but you should still make sure that you’re not overfeeding or underfeeding your baby.

Feedback from Real Users:

Read some of these comments from our real users and use some of these ideas for you and your baby!

“I love this app!! Having twins and a toddler my brain is all over the place this app helps me stay on track!”- Stinabr***

“There are a lot of apps out there but this one really stands out with it’s easy to use functions. It helps us keep track of all of our little one’s activities. Would recommend to any parent looking for a simple yet very useful app for their babies.”- Foriamda***

“I love, love, LOVE this app. It’s insanely easy to track my baby’s patterns, analyze them, and then encourage her natural rhythm! I was
struggling with a super sleepy eater before this app. Then I started using the app to record her natural activities for a few days. After analyzing her patterns on the super nifty graphs and charts I was able to figure out a foolproof pattern to encourage her on in to have the happiest baby! She is in a pattern of eating, play, sleep. No more sleepy eater, no more sad mommy! Super easy, super helpful, truly the super tool that I needed! Thank you BabyTime!!!!! I love you!!!” – Dram3***

“I use this app to track how much my baby eats, sleeps, and poops throughout the day. Also, my baby doesn’t nurse well so I need pumped milk at all times. I need to pump around 8 times a day and this app helps me space out the sessions as evenly as possible. Great for hospital visits and to take notes in as well. ” – tapestry_n***

Feature that You should be Using

Make “quick memos”. Each activity comes with the ability to generate six “quick memo”. This lets the user put down a note they use frequently with only a tap. This feature is one of the most overlooked by parents but it’s actually really helpful especially when you’re breastfeeding and can’t use both your hands to type.

One the side note…

Instead of recording everything at once at the end of the day, we recommend parents to record as they go. You can record before, during, and even after an activity. For sleep, we found that moms record right after the baby falls asleep and sets the time they think the baby will wake up.
Activities can overlap each other. Breastfeeding and diaper change, for instance, we see overlaps with sleep time a lot since babies tend to wake up in the middle of the night and moms would either try nursing or changing her little one’s diaper to help put the baby back to sleep.


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