5 Reasons to record your baby’s activities

1. BabyTime can help you figure out what your baby needs with more accuracy

  • It’s difficult for parents to know what their baby wants right away since the baby can’t actually talk to them. But if you know your baby’s activity pattern, you can guess with more confidence of what your baby’ wants. When you keep your baby’s daily routine consistent, your baby is happier and it ensures that he/she is getting just the right amount of nutrients, which results healthy mental and physical growth for the baby.

2. Improve the quality of your baby’s sleep naturally

  • Teaching smart sleeping skills from a young age is important and can carry onto their adulthood.  A consistent schedule of naps and getting plenty of night sleep can lead to better qualify of sleep even when they become adults. It’s important to keep up your baby’s nap schedule and bedtime routine consistent.

3. You can get your baby into a feeding routine

  • Pick up on your baby’s own natural rhythm, record when these natural cues to feed occurs on BabyTime, and then you can both settle into a feeding routine that works.  Keep the routine steady and increase the total intake little by little to help your baby grow.

4. Figure out your Baby’s sickness

  • Simple illnesses can become serious when the parent doesn’t notice the little signs. Recording your baby’s activities can help parents notice these little signs immediately and you can show your child’s doctor your recording as well.

5. A happy caregiver equals a happy baby

  • Happy parents are likely to have happy kids. When you establish a steady routine for your child, you can also make a routine for yourself to be mentally and physically happier.

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