Breastfeeding is as complicated as it is miraculous. There are times when breastmilk comes out as easy as pie but other times, you can only get a few milliliters no matter what you do. Not only that but there are times when your baby can’t latch on properly and you even need to pay attention to what you eat!
There is much need for products to help moms with breastfeeding and while it is not impossible to breastfeed without them, it would bring a great sense of relief and comfort to have one or two of these products. Think about what you need the most and make a wise purchase!

1. Nipple Shield

The nipple shield makes it easier for babies to latch onto their mother’s nipple and to tell the difference between your foremilk and hindmilk.

You can clean and sterilize nipple shield by placing it in boiled water for 3 mins.

A precautionary note to consider that according to a review on Amazon, it could decrease your breast milk supply so make sure you pay attention to how much breast milk you produce when you’re using the nipple shield. Furthermore, there is a risk of your baby having nipple confusion so it’s best to only use this product if advised by a Lactation Consultant.


2. Breastfeeding Pad

Use a breastfeeding pad so that breastmilk doesn’t stain your bra or shirt when it leaks. It’s advised to switch out the pads every 3~4 hours or more frequently if your breast milk tends to leak a lot.

There are two types of breastfeeding pads: reusables ad disposables. Every brand of pads are different so test them out before you decide to buy them in bulk.


3. Breast Pump

Use this product if you need to keep breastmilk expressed and stored. It’s used commonly by working moms who want to give their baby breast milk even when they’re away and also by moms who aren’t making enough and want to increase their breastmilk supply.

We recommend getting a breast pump with a massage feature and a pump you can take apart easily so you give it a thorough cleaning.

The most popular brand of breast pump is the Medela. It has different strength of pump and different sizes of flange. Take care to choose a flange that fits well to your nipple as a wrongly fitted flange could cause pain and soreness.

4. Breastmilk Storage Bags

It’s the most sanitary option to store your breastmilk. The bags store nicely in bags and in your fridge and seals air-tight. Bags come labeled with ml so you can measure how much breast milk goes in each bag and a space to label date and time. Keep in mind that you can keep breast milk refrigerated for up to 3 days and longer in the freezer.


5. Nursing stool

Nursing stool helps you get into a comfortable and correct nursing position which encourages a proper latch as it lifts your knee up, bringing your baby closer to your breasts. We highly recommend nursing stools to relieve strain on your legs, arms, back, shoulders, and neck. Most chairs are adjustable in different angles to optimize nursing support.

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