Rather you’re planning a bedtime routine or just trying to get your baby to sleep, it’s important to understand your baby’s cues and to carefully observe your little one so that he may sleep comfortably throughout the night. Sleep is one of the most important factors of your baby’s healthy growth and here are some facts you must know!

For the first 2-3 months of your baby’s life, it’s way too early to establish any kind of routine. Take this time to focus on getting used to taking care of a baby (because we all know it’s not easy!) and observe your baby’s little cues and his tendencies.

Just as adults can’t function well from lack of sleep, your baby will be fussy as well! Research suggests by the age of 3, a child who’s had poor sleep habits may have deterred brain development for reading, mathematics, and depth perception.

A fatigued baby will release more stress hormones (adrenaline & cortisol) and while your baby might seem happy and active for a moment, a prolonged release of these hormones will cause your baby’s stress level to skyrocket through the roof! 

With less sleep, your baby is too tired throughout the day and won’t be motivated to make movements. This doesn’t stimulate a proper development of motor skills.

78%~80% of growth hormones are released while your baby is asleep and the lack of sleep will prevent proper physical growth. 

Most babies start sleeping longer once they reach 6 weeks old. Observe for your baby’s natural sleep cues and arrange sleep and playtime accordingly.

A consistent sleep ritual signals to the baby that it’s bedtime. Try massaging the baby, sing a lullaby or anything will put your baby in a relaxed state.  In addition, it’ll be handy to have a ritual for when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night as well.

Create a “sleepy mood” in your little one’s bedroom. Darken the light 2 hrs before bedtime and put on white noise or a calming soundtrack to create an atmosphere that could put even the lightest sleepers to sleep.

It’s important to gradually create a good “sleepy mood”. Take your time and don’t rush anything and remember to create a relaxing mood for your baby. We recommend giving a warm bath before bedtime but give it at least 1 hr for your baby to digest his night feeding before giving him a bath.  

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