Did you know that your baby cries but can’t shed a lot of tears because of blockage in their tear duct?

So you need to massage between their eyes and nose to clear the pooled tears!

13 baby facts you must know!

1. Bad vision

Your baby will have a bad vision for around 6 months.

They can’t follow objects in motion untill 3 months and won’t have fully developed color vision until 5 months.

2. Short, frequent cries

Your baby’s tear duct is blocked so message between his eyes and nose to clear the pooled tears!

3. Obligate nasal breathers

Newborns can’t breathe through their mouths and so it’s essential for you to clean and suction your baby’s nose for easier breathing!

4. Fast, shallow breathing

Caused by small lung and immature nervous system, your baby will start breathing normally after about 6 months.

5. Chubby cheeks protects the chin

Chubby cheeks support your baby’s chin when he’s sucking or swallowing.

6. Frequent hiccups

Cause by an immature diaphragm, hiccups will become less frequent after 2-3 months.

7. Always hungry

Your baby is always hungry because his stomach is too small to store enough food in his belly and uses lots of energy to metabolize.

So, you need to feed baby every 2-4 hours.

8. Always thirsty

Babies dehydrate faster because they metabolize 2-3 times faster and pee more frequently than adults.

Water makes up 70-80% of their bodies which is little compared to how much they pee so keeping them hydrated is essential.

Tip!! Place a finger inside your baby’s mouth and it feels a bit dry, give him extra breast milk or formula.

You can give your baby a little bit of electrolyte drink after 3 months and a little bit of water after 6 months.

If you suspect severe dehydration, go see a doctor.

9. Sensitive bottom

Baby’s skin is sensitive down there so make sure to change the diaper every 2-3 hrs and wipe butt clean and let it dry completely.

Avoid using loose powder because it could get in the lungs and cause breathing problems.

10. Rd pooping face

The reason why baby’s face turn red when pooping is because they have yet to develop any abdominal muscles.

11. Bubbly poop

When an immature digestive system can’t digest carbohydrates well, gas forms and lets out bubbly stool.

Tip!!  Give water to help with digestion. (only for babies over 6 months old)

12. Easily cold, easily hot

They lack of body fat and larger surface area to volume ratio means baby’s body temperature will change drastically even with little movement.

So be sensitive to room temperature until baby is 2 months old.

13. No control over movement

Baby is just starting to learn motor skills so he won’t be able to move like he wants to!

Development takes months so don’t forget to record every milestone!




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