Babies’ stool can tell you a lot about their current health so it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking at!

Read on to find out about your baby’s poop & health!

Stool check

Stool color, smell, amount and count can tell you a lot about your baby’s health.

1. Push out exactly what he eats

Babies can’t digest fibrous food like veggies and will poop it out right away.



2. Mucus-mixed

It’s not something to worry about unless you see lots of it. It could be a telltale sign of infection or allergy.

3. Seedy

White From unabsorbed fat (natural fat from dairy products). It’s okay!



4. Watery

Stool becomes thicker as the baby is introduced to solids and watery with more consumption of liquid but if the stool is a lot more watery, poops more times, vomits, feverish, and have no appetite, contact the doctor right away.

Tip! Prevent dehydration by feeding less breast milk and giving a thicker mix of formula or baby drink instead.

5.Thick as Grown-up’s

Sign of constipation. Most common causes are feeding baby food low in fiber, excessive dairy, and introduction to solids, but genetics could also be a factor.

6.Rolls Around

Stool that is hard and look like rabbit dropping is a sign of constipation


It’s when baby’s stool is harder and less frequent. If the baby loses appetite and seems to be in pain, go see the doctor.

Tip! To treat constipation try massaging your baby’s belly or adding prune juice (4 weeks or older) into formula or breast milk.

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