Things you need:

Baby Bottle or Milk Storage Bags, all parts need to be clean and dry

Milk Storage bags

Label with Data and Time

Plastic or Glass Baby Bottle

Use BPA-Free baby bottles and to clean, pour hot, soapy water and clean thoroughly.

Divide EBM (60~120ml) depending on how much your baby eats at one time to avoid left overs.

  1. Don’t leave EBM out for more than 4hrs in room temp. Try to use within 1 hr


  1. Store in a cooler for on-the-go. At 15c, EBM can last up to 24hrs


  1. Store in the refrigerator for up to 48hrs. It’s recommended to use EBM within 24hrs


  1. Store in the freezer for 3~6 months. It’s recommended to use EBM within 3 months.


  1. Thawed EBM is good for up to 24hrs in the refrigerator. Don’t leave thawed EBM out at room temp.

The immunizing benefits and vitamins in BM are destroyed when re-frozen after being thawed.

Tip: Do not fill bottle or bag up to the brim since volume of liquid increases after freezing.


To Thaw:

It’s best to thaw EBM at room temp. but place in warm water if in a hurry.

Microwaving destroys healthy proteins and thaws EBM unevenly

Put frozen EBM in the refrigerator 12hrs before use and warm EBM in warm water before feeding your baby.

Tip: If you’re in a hurry and have no other choice, thaw EBM in warm water below 37c

Fat will rise to the top in this process. Don’t throw it away! Mix well before feeding your baby.


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