How can you include more Iron into the baby’s diet?

    Foods you should be giving to your baby It’s essential to give your baby nutritious foods for healthy growth Iron plays a role that is especially important in brain, heart, bone, stomach and intestinal development   How can … Read More

How to tell if your baby has a cold

How to tell if your baby has a cold Common cold symptoms – Sneezing, Difficulty sleeping, A low-grade fever of about 100.4F(38C), Irritability, Coughing, Decreased appetite, Nasal congestion Prevention – Wash hands, Clean toys, Keep baby away from a person … Read More

5 Tips on building a routine with your baby

When you first bring a newborn baby into your home, your life will be turned upside down and you couldn’t feel less prepared. Building a routine based on your baby’s natural cues gives structure and stability and a chance for … Read More

What is Your Baby Telling You?

Your baby is constantly trying to communicate with you and responding to them is an important part of your baby’s development. It might be hard to understand these signals at first but with some practice, you will be able to … Read More